art projects portfolio

Jejak sang kakek

Production: video on artwork

Artist: Kevin van Braak

Filmmaker: Toon de Zoeten

Description: Kevin van Braak explores his Indonesian roots and discovers an asthonishing history, which he translated into a Wayang Kulit perfomance

Eye to Eye

Production: videoinstallation during 4th of May commemoration concert.

Artist: Toon de Zoeten

Description: Double screen projection, accompagnied by B-sharp tubular bell. Right hand screen: Mr Jules Schelvis who survived 11 Nazi camp. Left hand screen: an eight year old boy who's future is yet to come. Extremely slow camera movement towards the eyes.

'In situ'

Production: video installation

Artists: Said Mahrouf, Hester Tammes, Toon de Zoeten

Description: Five video streams projection on juxtaposed screens. Based on a dance performance. Exhibited in Amsterdam, Cassablanca, Sydney

'I once said I'm a clear blue sky without clouds without sun'

Production: video installation

Artist: Rossella Biscotti in collaboration with Toon de Zoeten

Description: A tape recorder in a space, playing excerpts from psychotherapy sessions by Prof. Bastiaans. Rewarded 2nd prize Prix the Rome (2009) for R. Biscotti, followed up by "Yellow movie" acquired by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


Production: installation

Artist: Frouke Wiarda/Jet Nijkamp/Toon de Zoeten

Description: An installation comprised of video, audio and live drawing. Main exhibition, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam

Il Sole Splende in Kiev

Production: film

Artist: Rossella Biscotti

Editor: Toon de Zoeten

Description: Interviews with filmmakers on the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor telling conflicting stories.
- 1st prize 12th bienal of moving images
- Golden Cow (1st prize) at Gstaad Film Festival, Noted for "daring editing".

The undercover man

Production: film/video installation

Artist: Rossella Biscotti

Editor: Toon de Zoeten

Description: 16mm film, Special FBI agent Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brasco is put in a fake film setting in which particular aspects of his operation are reconstructed. Exhibit in numerous locations

You are here

Production: video installation

Artist: Marjorieke Glaudemans

Editor: Toon de Zoeten

Description: A number of youngsters from various nationalities are interviewed about identity

Symphonie des trottoirs

Production: film of artwork

Artist: Edward Janssen

Filmmaker: Toon de Zoeten

Description: Edward Janssen creeerde een quadrofonische installatie waarin live muzikanten met een geluidsmontage van de stad in dialoog gaan.


Production: videoinstallations

Artist: Toon de Zoeten

Description: Exhibited within an exhibition by Jet Nijkamp in Retort Art Space. An obscure projection in a dark, oppressive space.